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Super India Pest Control, provides the most effective, safe, and affordable pest control services in Dadar, Mumbai. Our 100% effective pest control services and customers satisfaction is what we are known for in the whole of Mumbai.

Having pests in Indian houses is a common thing but ignoring them can result in major health issues. Pests can spread many fatal diseases. It is important to keep your homes and workplaces clean and pets-free. Call us today and get rid of any type of pests. We are the best pest control services in Dadar, Mumbai.

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Pest Control Services in Dadar, Mumbai

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Services we offer in Dadar

Cockroach Control

cockroach Control

Cockroaches are considered to be dangerous as an allergen source and asthma trigger. Cockroach control treatment includes applying herbal gels and odorless chemicals across the hiding places of cockroaches and infestation areas.

Termite control in Mumbai

Termite Control

Known as “silent destroyers” because of their ability to chew wood and flooring. The latest methodology of Drill-Fill-Seal is applied. It creates a barrier between termites and the wall and prevents Termite infestation.

Ants Control

Ants Control

Sometimes they become too much annoying due to their huge population and painful bites. Ants control can be executed by applying the special gel as well as spraying the chemical across the insects’ infected areas. 

Mosquito Control

Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes can spread several diseases such as Zika, West Nile, Chikungunya, Dengue, and Malaria. Mosquito treatment is the combination of treatments to break mosquitoes’ life cycle; Control of larvae by treating breeding sites, and destroying hiding places of adult mosquitoes.

Rodent Control

Rodents Control

Rats and mice spread over 35 diseases worldwide. They can damage buildings, contaminate food. The rodent control strategy includes a Combination of baiting proofing baits and cakes for rats containing Bromodioline which causes rats to die outside your premises.

Birds Control

Birds Control

Diseases associated with birds droppings include Cryptococcosis, Histoplasmosis, and Psittacosis. Bird control treatments are executed by using different types of bird removal techniques and practical solutions according to your problem.

Bed Bug Control

Bed Bugs Control

Bed bugs are insects from the genus Cimex that feed on human blood, usually at night. Inspection by professional technicians of hiding spots of bed bugs and injecting the area with advanced chemicals.

Spider Control

Spider Control

Spiders are air-breathing arthropods that have chelicerae with fangs generally able to inject venom. Spider control is executed by using sprays across the insect and infected areas. It works as a repellant for spiders.

Fly Control

Fly Control

The common housefly can transmit the pathogens that cause shigellosis, typhoid fever, E. coli, and cholera. A house flies treatment plan based on the circumstances of the infestation, which may include the use of fly bait applications or traps.

Why do you need a pest control service?

In Dadar Mumbai, Pests like Cockroaches, Termites, Bedbugs, Spiders, Lizards, Ants, Rats, Mosquitoes and Birds are most common in houses and commercial places. They are annoying and can be a threat to health as well. These pests in your residence, office or other commercial areas are one of the main reasons for dirtiness or sometimes bad odours as well. Pests can be the carrier of many diseases in homes or offices.

We at Super India Pest Control provide the best pest control services in Dadar, Mumbai. Whatever pest problem you may be facing, we will provide a solution to get rid of that. Products that we use for pest treatments are from the best brands in the industry which are completely safe and eco-friendly.

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Our Happy Clients in Dadar

Thank you guys for your wonderful services. Now my place is completely safe from pests.
Pest Control Services in Mumbai
Shyam Negi
I was facing red ants problem at my place. I took the AMC package for Ants control and now my home is Ants free.
Pest Control Services in Mumbai
Deepak Kothari
Love the way you guys interact with customers and customer support after the services. Extremely happy!
Pest Control Services in Mumbai
Prabhu Singh

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Most Frequently Asked Questions From Our Clients Near You in Dadar, Mumbai

Super India pest control is a professional and leading pest control service provider in Dadar, Mumbai. Our well experienced professionals are well trained to deal any kind of pest infestations.

Before choosing any pest control company you should consider the companies background, work efficiency, previous customer reviews and service costs. We suggest you to hire super India pest control company for pest control services in Dadar, Mumbai as we have all those qualities with well trained staff.

You can call us anytime at +91 859 179 3901 or fill the form above to get a free quote.

You can make a payment by cash, UPI payments, or any other online payment option. Super India pest control has various payments options to choose from at your convenience.

Generally, Super India pest control residential services can be done between an hour to four hours depending upon the intensity of pest infestations and area. It may take more time for commercial places.

Super India pest control only charges you as per the service requirements and the area to be treated. It also depends on which package you select, one-time service or AMC package.

Super India Pest Control uses different methods of pest control as per the requirements and types of pest infestations. Some of our popular pest control methods are Organic pest control, Chemical pest control, Electronic pest control, Integrated pest control, and Biological pest control solutions.

It depends on the pest problem you are facing and the treatment required for your problem. Generally, we use products that are odorless and safe for humans, but sometimes you need to stay away from the treated area.

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