Company Policy

Terms and Conditions:

Super India Pest Control:

We’re referred to as “Company” or “SPC”.

Claims and Complaints:

We only accept claims or complaints with a valid bill or contract copy.

Reporting Complaints:

Call our authorized complaint numbers mentioned on the Contract Copy/bill copy: +91 8169195028 and +91 8169190197.

Provide your name, address, and contact number. Keep the contract and receipt for verification.

Payment Terms:

Pay contract charges in advance by cash, cheque/DD, or direct transfer favoring “Super India Pest Control.”

Payment must accompany the signed contract before the service period begins.

Valid Payments:

Payments to personal accounts or cash transactions without a signed invoice copy will not be recognized as valid.

During Service:

Keep children, pets, seniors, asthmatic, and allergic individuals away during thorough cleaning.

Service Guarantee:

If pests reappear during the contract, we provide necessary services at no extra cost, subject to compliance with the contract conditions.

Follow-Up Services Availability:

Follow-up services will not be provided on Saturdays, Sundays, or recognized holidays. Our business hours for follow-up services are limited to weekdays.

Expert Visits:

SPC Expert visits will be scheduled within a reasonable time during working hours. We are not responsible for delays due to unforeseen circumstances.


We are not liable for damages, injuries, or consequential damage resulting from the service.

Contract Validity:

The contract is only valid for the specified premises. Changing the address requires entering into a new contract with additional fees.

Contract Terms:

The contract is not terminable before the expiry period and is not transferable.

Prior Agreements:

This contract supersedes all prior agreements, oral or written, between the parties.

Customer Cooperation:

Ensure cooperation to move furniture and make all areas available during our service. Failure to do so is considered as service rendered with no refund.

Damages During Service:

We are not responsible for damages to interior/exterior structures during service.

Presence During Treatment:

A representative or person must be present during treatment, considered the signing authority for the service contract.

Follow Instructions:

We are not responsible for service failure if instructions are not followed or treated areas are disturbed.


Customers may receive Transactional/Promotional SMS or calls from Super India Pest Control.

Service Complaints:

For service-related complaints, the responsibility lies with the SPC management, not any individual.

Valuables Security:

Keep valuables secure; we are not responsible for lost items during the service.


Precautions must be taken to cover foodstuff during cleaning.

Additional Costs:

Additional costs may apply for changes in the original pest control requirements.

Cooperation for Time:

Customers must cooperate if more time is required.

No Refund:

No refund is entitled after service delivery.


Except as expressly stated, no other warranties are provided.

Liability Limitation:

The company is not liable for damage due to pest presence; liability is limited to re-treatment.



Safety Instructions for Apartment/Flat Jobs:

Termite Service:

  1. Follow the Do’s and Don’ts to ensure a smooth termite treatment process.
  1. Move furniture 2 ft. away from the wall and empty fixed wooden wardrobes and cabinets before treatment.
  1. Provide information on concealed wiring, conduits, telephone cables, and plumbing pipes to prevent damages during drilling.
  1. Arrange for an electrician/carpenter if needed for treatment of electrical fixtures and woodwork.
  1. Allow necessary access to the false ceiling and loft for inspection and treatment.
  1. Due to noise and slight odor from equipment, keep patients/pets/children/senior citizens away during treatment.
  1. Treat the entire area for best results and to prevent termite re-occurrence.
  1. Live termites may be visible immediately after treatment, but the infestation will subside over time.
  1. Scheduled treatments are based on mutual agreement; the company is not responsible for unavailable premises on the scheduled date.

Rodent Service:

  1. Do not disturb bait stations for effective rodent control.
  1. Follow recommended proofing measures to prevent rat entry.

MaxGel Service:

  1. Do not clean or remove GEL spots for optimum results.
  1. No need to empty the kitchen unless specifically instructed.
  1. Chemical treatment may be applied along wall and floor junctions for ant infestation.
  1. Use only a dry cloth for cleaning after treatment.
  1. Avoid using pesticides or chemicals in areas where GEL has been applied.

Bed Bugs Service:

  1. Show affected parts for thorough bed bug treatment.
  1. Move furniture and empty fixed wooden wardrobes, cabinets, wall units, and bed/beddings.
  1. Use the treated area only after proper cleaning and aeration.
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